Hi Jack,

I don't know who or what your sources are, but they are way off. Jedi
Quest is a dead project. The lead developer for LightTech up and quit
several months back, and although their website is up they are
effectively out of business. So please stop giving the list false hope
based on out of date information.

As for Super Liam 2 I've already answered that one. Liam is now
working at a real programming job, and all of his game projects are
more or less on hold until such time he has to actually work on them.
No great mystery there why we aren't seeing a lot of new games from
that corner these days. Although, he did manage to produce a new
version of Super Egg Hunt so we should all thank Liam for that upgrade
given his lack of free time these days.

As for Chillingham 2 all I can say is you have more faith in Bavisoft
than I do. As others have said it has been 7 or 8 years since they
have produced anything, and I can say from a programmer's personal
point of view that it shouldn't take that long to produce Chillingham
2. Even giving them a break on the length of time to say it is in
"early development" is a bit of a open ended statement. Are you saying
that they only just started it right now, or did they start it and
forget about it for x number of years and start up again?

You see if I started a project 7 years ago and continued working on it
for an hour or two a day I wouldn't call that "early development" at
all because the product I'd have would be very very safisticated by
now. Although, MOTA is three years old in actuallity most of that time
was spent developing a game engine for developing the future USA Games
titles, and serious development on the game itself has only been over
the last three/four months. So that's less than your 7 or 8 years of
time and I have created something a lot more safisticated than
Chillingham 2 in a lot less time. So I think Bavisoft is just blowing


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