Hi Bryan,

Oh, man! I'm sorry to hear that. You haven't been maried all that
long. All I can say is I hope things work out alright in the end.

However, in principle I agree with you. A company who sells comercial
games such as Bavisoft can do at the very least send out bymonthly
progress reports of of how they are doing, weather or not game x is
progressing, etc instead of remaining silent. If they decided to
cancel the project keeping us informed of their decision to cancel the
project will at least let their customers know it won't be coming out,
and they'll stop waiting for it to come out. Doing nothing, saying
nothing, etc only increases speculation of what they are doing and
most of that will become negative before long. So that when and if
they ever do produce a new product their reputation will not be a very
good one. To be honest given Bavisoft's current reputation I doubt I'd
ever buy another product from them even if it came out tomorrow.

In my opinion too much bad press about unanswered support questions,
problems with shipping orders, etc all mounts to poor quality service
and support. Not to mention they have been informed of Windows 7
compatibility issues with their current releases and nothing. They
don't even support or update what they got so buying Grizzly Gulch and
Chillingham is throwing your money down a hole if you plan to move
beyond Windows XP. I personally refuse to pay for a product that isn't
going to be supported by the company who produces it.


On 3/28/11, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> Exactly. Personal difficulties or not if you don't have the common courtesy
> to atleast let people know tat someting's been happening to prevent you from
> focusing on the hobby! of accessible game development you're going to lose
> people's faith. I myself am having marrital problems and in fact it's
> probably safe to say that the marriage is over. That's why I haven't been
> focusing on the game I'm working on with BGT. Not that I've been keeping up
> a blog on the development progress but still. Bavisoft has lost all their
> credibility because of their secrecy. It's almost as if they were engaged in
> some shameful activity that they didn't want others to know about. And by
> that I obviously mean the development of audio games. Even Draconis,
> secretive though they are (or perhaps just close would be a better word),
> still keep us at least generally up to date on the fact that they are still
> operating.
> We are the Knights who saaaaay...Ni!

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