Hi Lori,

Well, if you heard Scansoft Daniel in a trailer that was probably
because I was using Microsoft Sapi directly rather than prerecorded
wav files. The G3D Engine, like BGT, offers a developer the option to
speak status messages using a Sapi voice of his/her choice, or you can
use prerecorded speech files. Obviously, for Mysteries of the Ancients
I have chosen the prerecorded voice clips option since that allows
everyone to use the exact same voice, and I can use them in a
cross-platform port of the game rather than having to tie into any
operating system specific API like Sapi 5, Speech-Dispatcher, etc.
Besides that, while I love Linux I'll freely  admit there aren't as
many good text to speech engines available for the platform so its a
nice idea to record clips from a Windows Sapi 5 voice like Scansoft
Tom and simply include it with a Linux based game.

As for the 3d version of Mysteries of the Ancients let me just say
when writing the G3D Engine I've borrowed a lot of my ideas from the
GMA Game Engine, and have based a lot of the in-game functionality on
Shades of Doom in particular. I've often found a lot of navigation
aids like pressing v to find out if I have visited a spot before or
pressing control+v to set a marker incredibly helpful over the years.
For that reason the 3d version of Mysteries of the Ancients will
definitely have some of those navigation aids available by default.
The 2d version doesn't have these features, because I simply didn't
think they were needed in a 2d platformer, but the 3d first-person
version will include them by default.


On 4/1/11, Lori Duncan <lori_dunca...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Tom that makes sense about the voices.  I'm positive though when I first
> heard about Mota, there was an audio trailler before any beta release was
> out, and it had Daniel saying the words like "Torch", I remember it because
> I was using Guide speach software at the time and that used the Daniel voice
> too.  It was never in a beta though.  I'm loving the idea of the 3-D
> version, but I think a marker key would be handy, so if you pass a certain
> place again you'd hear a sound or the voice say "Marker" then a number
> depending on how many markers you've placed.  It would come in handy so you
> don't keep getting lost.

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