Because Zed rymes with dead and sounds much more evil and stylish ;D.

Actually Charles, if I remember rightly, it's because the original griek term for a very similar letter was zeta which obviously when translated to english ended up as Z.

In American evolution of the language (whicyh as I've actually said on several occasions is! really quite different to Uk english even though both are understandable to one another), the last d sound of Zed obviously got dropped somewhere along the line.

This is why The wizard Zedicus in the sord of truth series who's regularly called Zed always sounds very weerd to me, as though he's just being called a letter though planely terry goodkind simply intended it as an abbreviation of his name rather like thaddius and thad, though to me it always sounds more like calling someone who's name was thaddeus T!

Btw, think there are 26 letters in the alphabet? ---- wrong! there are actually only 25, because the angel said no l!


Beware the grue!


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