ironically tom i feel the same way in the other direction, one reason I use orphius Alan for my Hal voice (which has great reaction speed), and scansoft daniel for my gaming sapi voice.

Hereing something with Zee just doesn't sound right to me either, as far as I, ---- and my synths are concerned, Inform games are written in zed code, Zero from the mega man x series uses a zed saber as his weapon etc.

While I wouldn't kick up a real stink about it, ---- I learnt at the age of four when watching sessimy street that zee and zed were the same thing, I know which I prefer when generically reading text.

When a character is American or I'm hereing an audio book set in America that is different, (I can't imagine for instance books by a writer like Steven King read in Uk english), but for something fairly passive like menue reading I'd always go for the Uk voice, ---- which rather makes sense given that is the way I speak myself and what I'm used to hereing.

For menues in your games, I personally would be happy with an American voice, --- though actually i've been happy with the australian one too ;D.

Btw, one rather amusing use I've found for Hal's ability to speak other languages recently is with singing.

Last summer I was set something to learn in German, I found the words but obviously, reading them with the Orphius Alan uk voice didn't work sinse it pronounced german spellings in a Uk accent which didn't tell me how to pronounce stuff when singing.

So, I switched orphius to German and Vuala! Instant Pronunciation guide!
I have done the same thing for Italian as well, which is actually a rather good use for a screen reader.

Beware the grue!


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