Hi Clement,

That's correct. Unfortunately, most of the western translations of
Greek works like the Iliad and Odyssey are second hand. I.E.
translated from Latin instead of Greek so names of people, places, and
things tend to be commonly known by their Latain or Roman names rather
than their original Greek names. For example, let's take the Greek
hero Haracles. If we are using the Greek the name is Haracles.
However, in Europe and in the U.S. we think of him as Hercules. This
translation of the name is reinforced by books, movies, television
shows, etc were the Latain name, Hercules, is used instead of the
Greek name, Haracles. People who aren't very versed in aalternative
translations or versions of the classics probably aren't aware of this
diference in language and spelling between names of popular

We do the same thing with Egiptian writing as well. Even though
Egyptologists might know what a benu is ask the average American what
it is and they'll give you a dumb look. Turn around and ask them what
a phoenix is and they'll tell you exactly what it is. The thing is
that benu is ancient Egyptian for phoenix, and the word phoenix is
ancient Greek. It is simply a matter of which word gets associated
with that creature, character, or concept in the mind of the general

On 4/4/11, Clement Chou <chou.clem...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm assuming authenticity means in this case a latin name in a game
> that's supposed to be Greek, right? lol.

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