Good work on this beta.
I have a couple of suggestions and a question.
I would suggest slowing the narrator speech down. Although I and possibly a 
load of other people could understand it at that rate, I personally know of 
some who would not be able to understand it at that speed and would struggle to 
navigate the menus because of it.
The second thing I would suggest is, since you now have to hold the relevant 
keys down to be able to jump over a trap, as soon as you land you instantly 
seem to start another jump before you can let go. I would suggest implementing 
a jump timer that waits, for example 300MS, before allowing another jump, just 
to give the player chance to let go of the keys should they want to continue 
walking. Otherwise if there are two traps close together it'll be hard to clear 
them both at the same time. Plus the fact that a person would usually wait that 
bit more time before being able to perform another jump as well.
My question is, the levers you pick up, do they disappear after a time? I 
must've picked up three levers where the one usually is and still can't get the 
statue to open.
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