Hi Dark,

As it happens that's kind of my point of rewriting something like
Piledriver. I find some of the descriptions fairly simplistic, not
very random from announcement to announcement, and you have no career
mode for wrestlers per say.

For example, let's assume in our fantasy WWE game the Undertaker has
the world heavy wait title. Now, you shouldn't be able to just
chalenge him to a match until you have won at least x number of
matches, and have litterally become the top contender for the title as
far as stats goes. Of course, there are certain main events you might
be able to win that will advance your career such as the money in the
bank match, winning the royal rumble, or coming out on top in the
elimination chamber, etc. If we are talking 1980's WWE wrestling some
of these types of matches like the elimination chamber wouldn't exist
yet. However, having main events like Wrestlemania etc would make it
possible to wrestle an entire season and work your way towards a title
match with one of the champions.

Plus there is another aspect to wrestling besides the matches
themselves. I'm talking about some sort of story mode. Usually, there
is always some back story that goes along with the matches. I.E.
during a match your apponents friends came out and beat you up causing
you to lose that match. Now, you are on a mission to beat each and
every one of them and prove you are better than they are. Another
story idea is your tag team partner turned on you during your last
match and now you challenged him to a one on one match to settle the
score. Things like that, although not necessary, adds a bit of drama
to the game. I imagine that's why if you watch WWE Smackdown or Raw
every week it often seams more like a soap than a sporting event.

So, yeah, I basically want to revamp Piledriver and make it more
realistic. I also think since it is mainly text anyway I could produce
Mac and Linux versions as well. It would go a long way to my goal of
creating games that aren't Windows specific, but are great to while
away an afternoon.


On 4/5/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom. n
> The principle reason the games haven't got database space, is that they
> struck me far more as simulators than actual playable games.
> What I mean is, you create your own wrestler or use a stock one, create your
> own league and matches etc. There is no ability to fight in pre made game
> matches, compete for a title, train your wrestler from first to last etc.
> therefore, if you were thinking of revamping Piledriver, I think this is
> something which might be a lot more fun to add.
> Btw, those interested in wrestling generally might enjoy the wrestling game,
> an online wrestling game where you get to create your wrestler, train, fight
> matches and even invent your own moves.
> the fighting, skills and training system in the game I found particularly
> impressive, as were the fight descriptions.
> see http://audiogames.net/db.php?id=The+wrestling+game
> or sign up at http://www.thewrestlinggame.com/
> Not my style of game personally, but I was fairly imrpessed with the way it
> worked.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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