Simple mode lets you chain three hit combos... but nothing more than that. Personally, I don't see what the problem with six buttons is. It's simply three punches and three kicks.. at different strengths. Is it that hard to get that? Again I don't want to sound antagonizing, but it doesn't take a genius to figure that out... I happen to agree with the upper-level fighting game community, that while four buttons in this game is okay, you're taking out so much of the learning curve that it almost seems like there's nothing to learn. Supers I don't mind since that's the way they've always been done in the vs. series... since those and Street Fighter games are completely different entities. MK's definition of accessibility is having almost the same startup chain of attacks to cancel into other moves. Unlike SF and tekken that require a lot of timing, MK, at least from the demo seems like you'll be able tochain attacks together without too much effort. And x-ray moves... don't even get me started on those. Gory and cool, yes... but a bit broken as a lot of people will point out to you. But I won't get into that now... I'm excited for the game, and want to save any griping for if and when I find things to gripe about. lol.

At 04:03 AM 07/04/2011, you wrote:
I wonder what MK is doing so to speak to make it more accessible. Simple mode in my honest opinion in MVC3 is... good although it'll only get you to Galactus. It only let's you do two specials, which is stupid. I like the less buttons approach to things, a four button layout rather than six. It makes normal mode in MVC3 easy to grasp than, say, SF, and I was able to remember the control skeme as to what attack was what and could focus on moves. Also, people may have problems with this but I personally like the way supers are performed in this game. A motion followed by two attack buttons, doesn't matter what they are it would appear. That also applies to moves, all you really have to know is the motion and you can use any attack depending on how damaging you want the combo to be. Allowing simple mode online sure causes cheating though. I dunno if you can even chain combos with simple mode, because once I was playing online with this dude and he pointed out that I really sucked at chaining combos; I wanted to test out Simple Mode and see if it was what the devs say it is, that you need skill and whatnot, but you also need the wrest of the characters moves...
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