Hi Ryan,

Actually, what I am doing is creating two seperate wrestling games
using the same basic engine. The first is a legends based game
featuring only wrestlers from the 1980's like Hulk Hogan, Junkyard
Dog, Randy Savage, Wendi Richter, Sinsational Sharri, Rockin' Robin,
etc. Basically, anyone who was really popular when I was growing up
with wrestling. This one brings back a lot of personal nostalgia as I
not only watched wrestling on television, but my dad and I actually
went and watched several matches live when they were being held at the
Ritchfield Coliseum in Cleveland Ohio. There's nothing quite like
actually being there in person munching down popcorn, drinking soda,
while watching the matches live and in person. If you only watched
wrestling on television that's one thing, but quite another to be
sitting there when you hear the speakers blaring "I'm A Real American"
as Hulk Hogan makes his way out to the ring with the crowd litterally
screaming so loud your ears hurt for days afterward.

Anyway, basically I haven't forgotten Stone Cold Steve Auston, Trish
Stratus, The Rock, or anyone who became popular in the late 90's and
into the early 2000's. I just feel that they require a separate game.
To me that's a totally different era of wrestling in part because
that's when I lost my sight and I've never felt the same way about
wrestling again. For instance, Trish Stratus came to the WWE just
after I lost my sight, and I was in college then. Everybody told me
she was extremely hot looking, especially in the bra and panties
matches they had, but I couldn't really fully enjoy it since I
couldn't see it. I did my fair share of chearing her on when she won
the women's championship, but like I said although I still listen to
wrestling I also get extremely frustrated that the comontators assume
you can see what is happening and leave out alot of things I use to be
able to see before. The diva's matches especially have lost their
apeal since the main reason I use to watch women like Wendi Richter
and Rockin' Robin wrestle is because they were really nice looking
women and every guy I know of likes to see a good looking woman in
little more than a bathing suit.

Anyway, basically the point I was getting at is that like most people
who has suffered any kind of tramatic loss I separate my life into
before and after. Anything from the late 70's, 1980's, and early 90's
is before my blindness. Everything after including a lot of the
wrestlers you mentioned are after. I can't see someone like Rockin'
Robin wrestling Trish Stratus anyway as she retired from wrestling in
the mid 1990's as I recall. Then, as we've mentioned on list a lot of
people who I grew up watching in the 80's the Junkyard Dog,
Sensational Sherri, Andre the Giant, Hawk, etc are dead now and can't
compete against younger wrestlers from a realistic point of view to
begin with. We'd pretty much have to strike any wrestler who died from
the list in order to make it work.


On 4/11/11, Ryan Conroy <staindadd...@juno.com> wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> Are you trying to make this all older wrestlers? If not, you forgot quite a
> people like Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, Tripple H, John Cena, ETC.
> Oh, and for women, you can't forget Trish Stratus.

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