Hi Tom.

My acquaintance with wrestling sort of stopped in the 90's with the likes of wwf regulars like Hulk Hogan, Jake the snake robberts, the nasty boys, sergeant slaughter, the million dollar man etc.

I then sort of lost interest for a good while, though vaguely ran into the more recent wwe characters like triple H, the big show etc when my brother started playing the roar ccg (not to mention the rock's films).

If we are talking about a wrestling game, I'd much more prefer something where I could play some of both my old favourites and some of the newer characters I've come across together to make up with my somewhat sketchy wrestling knolidge than something based in a particular time or federation.

I admit though, my acquaintance with wrestling has been sketchy at best, and usually limited these days to amusing stories of the soap opera type shenanigans the wrestlers get up to rather than the actual in the ring action, so all in all it's hardly something I'm really pationate about.

one feature I would like in the game though, is the ability to create my own wrestler with their own moves and descriptions and then put them up against some of the wrestlers I know, and I'm not sure if that would be possible if the game was limited to one era or federation.

hay, it'd let me do what I used to do with wrestling figures of all kinds (many unknown some wwf and some just figures from other lines who looked like wrestlers), when I was about ten or eleven, ---- though those also involved very detailed back stories, a post apocalyptic world and imaginary mortal combat style fatalities at the end of each match which probably wouldn't fit in a wrestling game ;D.

Beware the grue!


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