Hi Dark,

Like I've mentioned before I've got several different reasons why I
want to split this up into old era and new era wrestlers. I'll run
down the list quickly and you can agree/disagree here but here are my
reasons in no particular order.

First, I know I originally mentioned making this a text only game.
Well, Jim Kitchen has convinced me that I should add some sort of TTS
support. I figured since I'd do that I'll add sound effects, music,
and other things to the game as well. In other words make this a fully
qualified accessible audio game.

As a result the work load for this product will be massive. I don't
think you have any idea how much work I'm going to have to put into
this thing to roll an early beta off the line given I'm going to have
to hunt down, sounds, music, and so on which will make it somewhat

Second, I became a huge wrestling fan mostly in part because of the
WWF's rock and wrestling promotion they had going in the 1980's.
Eventually the AWA and NWA picked up the trend and as a result the
entrance music for the super stars were really big name rock hits from
the late 70's and early 80's. The Junkyard Dog entered the ring with
Another One Bites the Dust by Queen, Wendi Richter's theme song was
Girls Wanna Have Fun by Cindi Lopper,  the U.S. Express's theme song
was Born in the USA by Bruse Springstein, Strike Force's theme song
was Drive my Car by the Beattles, and Rick Darenger produced Hulk
Hogan's theme song I'm a Real American. Since I'm still a huge 80's
fan the fact of the matter is I have most of those entrance songs on
cds, and can easily add them to a wrestling game which would make it
very authentic.

The truth is I really liked the entrance music back then. No offense,
but everytime I turn on Smackdown, Raw, or Tough Enough I simply can't
stand the entrance music for most of the wrestlers. I think it is
outright garbage. Since I think the music is trash I naturally don't
own it. I'd have to probably search the internet to find all of those
songs to add them to the game.

Third, if we created a "all stars" wrestling game with new and old
wrestlers you have to keep in mind here some of the performers are
either dead or getting long in the tooth.

Andre the Giant died back in 93. How exactly can he wrestle Big Show,
Edge, or anyone else current if he's dead?

Same goes for Junkyard Dog. He died around 1998 or 199 do to a car
crash. He can't come back from the dead to
wrestle anyone current either. Its pretty much an impossibility as far
as I'm concerned and is too unrealistic for a game.

That said, there are some wrestlers who are getting old, but are still
out there in certain promotions. For example, former women's champion,
Wendi Richter, apparently still wrestles once and a while for some
independant wrestling associations. So she could theoretically still
wrestle women like Eve Torrez for the gold, but I don't think that
would really happen. Wendi has to be in her fifties by now, not a
young twenty-something, and I'd imagine she is old enough to retire
soon from wrestling. There are women younger than her such as Rockin'
Robin who gave it up a long time ago. I think Rockin' Robin is
probably in her mid fourties by now, must be if she was 24 when she
pinned Sensational Sherri at the 1988 Summer Slam for the women's
championship, and she's been out of the ring for fifteen years or so.
I doubt someone like that would really return to wrestling after being
out of the scene, so to speak, for that long.

Essentually, what I'm saying is I know people want to see some kind of
game with new and old wrestlers, but I'm not going to do it. I don't
think it is very realistic.I'd rather create a game about wrestlers at
their prime and at the high point of his/her career. Rather than aging
someone like Hulk Hogan up to his retirement age to wrestle someone
like Edge.

Besides you keep forgetting this is a two-part project.I.E. one game
will be a sort of legends game from the 80's, and one will feature all
modern stars.If I do it that way you get the both of best worlds. Not
some hack job with everyone and everything dumped into the mix.

Let's face it. If you think we should have all new and old wrestlers
let's go back and add some dudes from the 60's like Classy Freddy
Blassy, Jonnie Valentine, etc. Even if they weren't dead yet, which
they are, they'd be in their 90's taking on guys in their 20's and
30's. Is there something wrong with this picture? Lol!


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