Prior commitments? Well you should've thought of that before having Phil say what date you'll finish the game ;D.

Obviously your not using your time efficiently. I suggest you get rid of all destractions to game developement such as family, friends, eating, all that time you spend sleeping, oh, and not to mention all that time you spend breathing, ---- a far too wasteful hobby in my opinion.

That way if you just coded you might be able to keep up to the strict deadlines necessary to satisfy your customers.

Getting rid of family and friends is very easy (there are various pest control agencies available who will help with that problem), removing all that wasteful time spent sleeping is possible by a sufficient supply of coffee and clingon pain sticks.

As for eating, well that's deffinately a luxury you can do without!

for the breathing part, well finding a good necromancer and having yourself zombificated is always a recommended method in modern business practice, ---- in fact you'll notice the results when dealing with many modern companies (who regularly have their employees be zombies).

Now, as your newly appointed temporal management consultant, we can discuss my fee, ---- perhaps over coffee and a pain stick ;D.

Beware the grue!


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