Hi Jacob,

Smile. That's exactly my point, and why there is an issue to
solve/settle. Its not just that these wrestlers changed there music,
outfits, and ring names they changed their style of wrestling,
alliance, and personality to fit the character.

For instance, in the 1980's I grew up admiring Hulk Hogan. Throughout
the 80's he played a face character, practically reached super hero
status, and was one of my childhood favorites. However, when he quit
the WWF and whent over to WCW he changed his entire persona to that of
a heel character called Haliwood Hogan. He died his hair, changed his
wrestling tights, and I honestly didn't like his new character very
much. Years later he would return to the WWE and resume his former
Hulk Hogan roll. These things happen all the time in professional
wrestling and really all depends on the story and circomstances of the
promotion at the time, and what wrestling federation he/she is
wrestling for.

Another example is Sheri Martel. Throughout the 80's she came to fame
wrestling through the AWA, NWA, and the WWF under the ring name Sheri
Martel. After she won the WWF Women's championship she renamed herself
Sinsational Sheri. A year later after she lost the title to Rockin'
Robin she once again completely changed her onscreen roll. She started
dressing up in a witch outfit, called herself Scary Sheri, and played
the part of a heel who kept interfearing in Rockin' Robin's matches in
the hopes of getting her to drop the title to one of Sheri's heel
allies. After Randy Savage won the King of the Ring match he named
himself Macho King and she renamed herself Queen Sheri. You get the
idea. changing rolls is nothing new for wrestlers

It is in a way nothing more than a soap opra with people beating each
up inside a square ring. Todays mortal enemy is tomorrows best friend.
Todays best friend is tomorrows main event grudge match. It makes
writing an all stars wrestling game complicated because rolls change
from year to year and week to week. That's why most wrestling games
out there are pretty specific who is in it and what year it takes

Games like THQ's WWE Raw vs Smackdown games are released on a yearly
basis. They showcase the top performers for that year, and your
matches are played out using the actual site locations as WWE Raw and
Smackdown for that specific year. If a performer is a heel at the time
the game is made he/she is a heel. If they turn face the next year
they will return in the new game as a face character. Although, the
games will allow you to change his/her status in game as well.

To be honest this is exactly what I was planning to do before people
began bombarding me into the ground for this or that wrestler to be in
the game. It is alot easier to take the top 20 performers of the year
and write a game around their stories than it is to add 100 wrestlers
in the game and have to waid through different identities, storylines,
and decide which one will make the cut or just get the boot.

On 4/19/11, Jacob Kruger <jac...@mailzone.co.za> wrote:
> OTOH, what if he also changed his wrestling behaviour/identity with the
> different nicknames?
> As in the character in the game is more related to the screen persona at the
> time of using that name, as opposed to the actual person who was
> performing/carrying out that role - would, to be honest though - be a bit
> strange to have two of his persona's fighting against each other.
> Stay well
> Jacob Kruger
> Blind Biker
> Skype: BlindZA
> '...fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'

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