The reason is it wouldn't work. Just adding names to a text file
wouldn't really work, because its not just the names that change. As I
explained earlier on list when these wrestlers change there identities
they often change their signature moves, change their finishers,
change their alliance, change their outfits, and generally their
personality too.

For example, Mick Foley who I mentioned earlier on list. As Cactus
Jack he played a heel who was suppose to be a wild texan with a hard
core fighting style that included foreign objects like barbed whire,
two-by-fours, and a number of moves specific to Cactus Jack. After he
joined the WWF Mick Foley created a totally new persona called
Mankind. Unlike Cactus Jack Mankind was suppose to be a mentally
disturbed individual who lived in boiler rooms, talked to rats, and
supposably had a split personality as well. Instead of the barbed wire
and big Texan persona of Cactus Jack Mankind's most memorable feature
is his sock puppet, Socko, that added comity to his interviews. Plus
after Mankind won a match he use to stick a dirty sock in the defeated
aponents mouth which was funny. The weirdest part of Mankind was his
split personality where he'd talk to himself in the voice of Mankind
and then change to Dude Love and back again. It was as different from
Cactus Jack as you could get. Mankind was a completely different
character with his own unique moves and fighting style. So just
changing his name means nothing unless you are ready to update the
character profile in earnest.


On 4/19/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> tom this is just a thought.
> But why not write a database maybe a text file with all the names in
> it or whatever.
> maybe have sertain headings, etc.
> If people want to update the database or if you care to then it will
> not be a problem.
> Ofcause you will have to have it easy enough that people could put it
> in notepad.
> I don't imagine it would have to be that much.

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