Hi Shaun,

Well, then it will come as a big surprise to you that the better the
graphics card the better Jaws, Window-Eyes, Hal, etc will work with
it. You really do need that extra memory etc if you are dealing with
offscreen models and all the other stuff that screen readers use. Plus
these days starting with Windows Vista and Windows 7 you definitely
don't want the cheapest, most low-end, video card because all that 3d
graphics for Windows arrow requires a pretty decent video card. The
more memory on the video card to handle Windows arrow the less
physical ram has to be used to handle the new desktop environment,
graphics, and animation. Which, unfortunately, is exactly the problem
with your opinion.

You and a lot of others believe since you can't see it that you don't
need a high-end video card. Why does it matter? Why do I need it? I
can't see it so buy the cheapest thing on the market. The problem with
that opinion/attitude is that its based on some eronious assumption
that it doesn't matter, but it does matterfor a lot of reasons.

Windows, inparticular, is a highly graphical operating system. It was
designed for the sighted market therefore requires a fairly decent
video card, lots of ram, and processor power. Windows 7 especially is
extremely graphical, and a lot of people, including companies, have to
replace a lot of their XP era video cards just to run it because the
level of detail and animations in the graphics technology has changed
that much since XP. The rule of thumb is the more ram etc you have on
the video card the better if you plan to run Windows 7, because you
need it for all the new graphics. And if you are thinking you'll just
turn it off you can't. You are limited how much you can turn down/off
in Windows 7 compared to XP.

I'd like to say this was limited to Windows 7, but I can't. Truth is
thanks to Microsoft's drive to market Windows with the most realistic
graphics and animation possible other developers like Apple and linux
are slowly cranking up the graphicaal content of their desktops as
well. Ubuntu Linux 11 apparently has a new desktop theme/environment
called Unity. I don't know much about it, but it is suppose to be a
lot more graphical than previous Ubuntu desktop versions. This ups the
system requirements somewhat because now they are trying to compete
with Microsoft for the flashiest, most graphical, most awesome looking
desktop U.I. All that spells out high-end video card for sighted and
for the blind to run it. That has nothing to do with weather you can
actually see it or not.

On 4/20/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well one thing no one has got yet is the fact that the blind won't
> always have the best graphics.
> In fact when buying a computer I am always trying for the lowest
> crappiest, buggyest and cheapist card I can get.
> Ok so by default we may get stock graphics weather it be 128 256 512 etc.
> But you can be assured no one is gona go out of their way to get a
> good graphics card.
> In fact I always start any of my systems off by either installing the
> windows graphics drivers or cutting out most of the visual configs on the
> card.
> Its needed, but only for windows to boot really.

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