When I bought my first xp desktop in 2005, I got a middle of the road graphics card on the advice of the nice local place who were building my pc, who told me that high end was only necessary to run uba 3D games, but low end would drag down everything.

Now, as Tom said, the basic spec for windows has gone up a lot, another reason why I'm sticking to xp for the time being, sinse hopefuly by the time I need to upgrade, enough people (as I've heard those very up in the It services markit say), will be narked with the fancy, flashy, system intensive interface enough to force ms to give some sort of alternative.

In fairness I'm not just talking about visually impared people here, I have friends who are equally annoyed with it, also ironically, I do know some people who say they find it too! complex and confusing and want something simpler as in previous versions of windows.

I've already heard of an open source alternative called classic shell which converts much of the windows 7 and vista gui to look like, and resemble the xp model, maybe ms will actually listen, ---- though I admit this is probably a very remote possibility sinse ms and listen are two different things.

Beware the grue!


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