Hi Tom.

Ouch! those specs aren't nice, though i will admit that sinse I find out about classic shell I'm less apprehensive of the point when I need to upgrade to windows 7.

part of my issue, as well as the 3D graphical stupidity, is also that microsoft seem to have an obsession with ordering your desktop and other menues according to their! criteria, eg, most recently used this, recommended that, standard the other.

I stil use the classic menue in windows xp, not because the standard one is less accessible, but simply because it's far easier to organize in the way that I desire.

For instance, the only shortcuts I have on the desktop itself are programs i use a lot and have keys to, like winamp, ms word and outlook express (certainly not games), while in my programs menue I have a hole bunch of folders and subfolders for different hings.

For instance, I have an audiogames folder, with the games indexed by developer, so that if I want to play shades of doom or gma tank commander, even if I haven't played it for ages, i know just where to find it.

The same goes for my favourites, where I have folders of links for all sorts of subjects from audiogames to online games, to sf resources, to useful bits of software and philosophy books online.

The last thing I want is some ms specific arrangement messing all this organization up or requiring me to change a system which i've used now for about the last ten years.

So, that's why I hope that by the time it comes to upgrade, ms will have sorted their act out, sinse while I could go mac or linux, sinse I only really use the computer for specific things all of which I've got favourite programs for most of which are windows specific (not to mention compatibility with games etc), I'm not sure how much bennifit I'd personally get from changing os.

Beware the Grue!


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