Well Tom, I'm not sure how it is in the states, but over here there is one group of young blind people who do! conform to stomething of a sterriotype.

I've noticed that some blind people (especially those who went to specialist schools), are! pretty useless, expect everything to be done for them, only associate with other blind people etc.

That aside though I do know what you mean about organizations having specific ideas of blind people.

For instance when I asked the rnib about using a chip and pin card, their response was that I learn one cash machine near my home, but when i pointed out machines can come in different makes and models with different screen prompts and such, they told me to "Get my carer to do it" ---- rather hard, sinse I live on my own and don't have one, ---- which surprised them ;D.

In the end I just fixed things myself by arranging with my bank to have a signature card, so that machines will print out a receit for me to sign when I pay for stuff with it and I can just get actual cash at my local bank.

My point though, the rnib had no idea of a blind person living entirely alone and not! having "a carer"

The problem is this atitude is contagious. When I was trying to activate the wireless network on my hub but couldn't due to not being able to read the key on the side, when I phoned the company tech support they told me to "get someone to read it for me" and when I pointed out there wasn't they said "that what other blind people do" and put the phone down on me.

Beware the grue!


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