Besides the fact computers were very expensive in the 80's and 90's PC
Dos and MS Dos really didn't get home users interested in computers.
It actually forced the user to type something, a valid command like
"cd docs"
rather than just pointing and clicking on it. People are, well, sort
of lazy, and for some people that was too much effort and to much to
remember. IBM did try and resolve this issue starting with PC Dos 5 by
introducing a graphical user interface for Dos called the Dos Shell
that allowed them to point and click on things. However, computers
really didn't become a household item until Windows 3.1 or 3.11 came
out and the price of owning a PC came down in price and you could do a
lot of stuff by point and clicking on buttons, icons, menus, etc. I
admit when I was sighted I prefered a graphical user interface over
Dos too. That's until I lost my sight and the commandline environment
was more friendly, and pointing and clicking was not an option for me.
However, Windows is popular because it makes things easy. You don't
have to think about what your doing and can click on the little trash
can to remove files from the recycle bin, or click on the little
notebook icon to launch Notepad.


On 4/29/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well what really saddens me are those that nver started off on a text
> based terminal like dos when they were young.
> If something went wrong you could change a file, reinstall part or
> all of the system including system files only, and other modules.
> The registry is heaven and hell.
> Its heaven because everything is in one place.
> Its hell for the same reason.
> If something dies chances are your os has had it.
> Basically in the old days well forget with windows.
> If something screws up and usually its quite big, reformatting will fix
> things.
> However its all it will do.
> You can't easily recover bits and pieces like you used to.
> And most don't even know what the command console is these days.
> They just run their systems.
> If it breaks, put in a disk, and reformat and the problem goes away.
> Fine, but no one is learning.
> Unless you do linux or take a course or both unless you were born in
> the early 90s like me or earlier you won't be able to handle things.
> In some ways I prefured a more modular approach to the system like
> dos though simple it never really crashed self.
> If the configs crashed you could skip it and clear it.
> Ofcause security wise with everything in the same place and all those
> linked libraries well thats another thing.
> ANd registry language is like an os in itself.

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