Interestingly enough this came up recently.

my mum asked someone she knows a computer related question of how to setup an E-mail account, on the basis that this person always uses her pc for chatting on msn and buying stuff online so she should know.

the friend knew nothing because all she knew how to do was open something by point and click and type in the boxes.

While I was a litle too young to get into command line options, after it was proved to me that computers could do more than just word process and could be fun, I actually started trying stuff out just to see what certain items and such did, as well as trying Hal commands.

while I'd not claime to be a wizard at these things, i do at least know enough to for instance try a couple of things if something goes wrong and be able to fix basic problems now and again, ---- such as the other day when my laptop decided to mute itself.

This however does not seem to be the norm at all, people don't evenseem to know what certin things are called or where they are and the same goes for training.

It really bothers me that when my mum was taught it skills, she was taught just to open ms word.

She actually didn't even know what a folder was and that my documents was a folder in windows, rather she thought she could only get there by using word.

This got even worse when she wanted to start using a digital camera and storing pictures on her hard drive sinse she had no idea about basic file moving skills at all as all she'd been taught to do was open word, ---- none of actually what was going on undernieth.

On one ocasion on the phone to bt who provide my internet, when trying to fix connection problems, they were telling me to click on a certain icon.

i asked if they meant network connections, and they didn't know, sinse they didn't know what the icon was called only what it did, much less that there are other ways to getting to that particular page of settings than clicking the desktop icon.

A shame really, especially when things go wrong.

Beware the grue!


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