Nice to here though that some alternatives to the shark exist.

I remember actually in about 2003, I had played some if, and was trying to look into playing muds.

I mailed someone at alterean just being generally confused about the hole thing and their response was to pass the mail to one of their blind users who first off sent me some jaws scripts.

i enquired about use with hal or an alternative, but all this person could tell me was related to using the game with mushclient and jaws.

i did in fact try Alterean with hal but found that this was one of the occasions when I needed the program to keep in sink with and pick up text from the mud as it appeared sinse otherwise I'd be behind what was going on.

I therefore gave up on the idea of muds entirely.

I didn't even know such a thing as self voicing or ms sapi existed at that point at all, and I was of course stil using a machine with windows 98, so there were no automatic options either.

Had the person let me know that options with Sapi existed, well things might've been rather different but because they just assumed that everyone used Jaws, I completely missed out on this entirely.

Beware the Grue!


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