Hi Shaun,

Mind filling me in on what you are talking about? What does using an
analog system for punching, kicking, and other hand to hand combat
moves have to do with ammo?

What we are talking about has absolutely nothing to do with the
firearms unless we make an exception for the MP5 that could fire a
short or long burst depending on how long the fire key is held down.
No, what we are discussing is the idea if you do a quick key press you
might deliver a soft punch and if you hold the key down for say a full
second it will deliver a much harder punch. This is quite common in
mainstream games, and as I said doesn't really effect firing a pistol
or something like that. It would effect something like fists, kicks,
and some melee weapons like daggers, knives, swords, etc that would
allow you to choose to perform a light or hard swing. The concept
sounds ok to me, but as you pointed out some people are having enough
trubles struggling with an analog jump ssytem let alone figuring out
how to properly punch, kick, or deliver a killing blow with a sword
based on how big a swing they use.

On 5/4/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> well to be honest I would like the stuff as it is, we already have to
> use a sertain ammount of amo for an enemie as it is.
> I am still having issues with the last platform in l2 the long one to
> the point I havn't played the game in a bit.
> it was ok before the analog systems.
> I know its not that much and quite blind but its what we are used to.

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