LOL! and I was reading the part last night, or should I say listening to it, where Dumbledore discussing what happened in the grave yard with Harry and his Godfather. As they discuss the spells in reverse that came out of Voldimort's wand, the first to appear from the wand is Cedric. So, does that mean that Wormtail had Voldimort's wand? I think not. If we go back to the beginning of the novel when Voldimort kills the old care taker, he asks Voldimort to turn and face him. Voldimort does so and kills the old man so sense the appearances of the people Voldimort has killed are listed in reverse, it is clear that it was not Wormtail and in fact Voldimort. I suspect this point will be argued back and fourth for quite some time to come and I'm not sure that J K didn't intend to muddy the waters up a bit. Such things are good for business and helps sell future books.


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