Hi Thomas,
I think the reason more people didn't complete their games is that although the GMA engine had documentation, and a sample level script, you didn't get the data base of objects and creatures that went with the script. A data base of each creature had to be filled out if they were different. Each creature has about 70 different attributes to set,
Such as size, speed, intelligence, turn rate etc.
So creating a complex game can be very complex.
That is why I created Pacman first, as the only thing that changed from level to level were the speeds of the ghosts and the bonus object in the middle of the map, plus the level music.


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Hi Phil,

Hmmmm...Yeah, I definitly do see where David is coming from. That's
actually been one of my own issues with releasing my Genesis 3D
engine. If I release it, regardless if I release it for free or sell
it, I will have to support it. That usually means teaching newbies
lots of programming theory, programming techniques, and explain to
them how the engine works. That's a lot of work.

Not tomention,right now the G3D engine is just a library g3d.lib for
Windows and g3d.so for Linux that can be statically or dynamically
linked to a standard C++ project. I'm also planning on building a
managed .NET library version that will work with .NET languages like
C# .NET and VB .NET. That's all well and good for a programmer, but if
someone doesn't know one of those programming languages my engine
isn't of much help. It isn't an all in one deal like the GMA engine or
BGT is.

Of course, I could wrap the core with Angelsscript, like Philip did,
but I'm still in the position of writing up pages of documentation how
to code a game, writing samples, etc. I don't really have the time or
the energy to put the effort into it right now. So for the moment, at
least, G3D is a private engine. Although, eventually I would like to
release it so Mac, Linux, and Windows users can start creating games
with it.


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