Lunimals version 2.0b has just been posted.  Sorry about the long delay between 
this update and the last one, but I think you'll all be happy with the changes. 
 I've implemented almost all of the suggestions people have given me, including 
things like adjusting game speed, sapi speaking speed, custom games, and quick 
tile information during game play.  I've fixed a ton of small bugs that people 
reported, and I've added a new prey animal (gophers) and a new predator 
(dingos) which fall into the master predator class and can be considered an 
entirely new eco system layer all by themselves.

Everyone can give mission 8 a try now, and I wish you luck, because it is quite 
a challenge!  Muhahaha (evil laugh)!

The custom games allow you to choose a dome, choose how much money you begin 
with, and enable or disable random dome disasters.  These games allow you to 
set your own rules rather than simply following along with the campaign quests. 
 Random disasters provide the occasional, unexpected problem to fix, if you 
choose to have them.

I've already begun work on the last 2 "animals" that will be added to the game. 
 I'm not sure yet, if there will be 10 total missions, or only 9, but either 
way I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Once I have time to 
finish up the next few animals and mission(s), Lunimals will finally be 
complete!  Yay!  Once that happens I will attempt to make the game support 
multiple languages.  I would, very much, appreciate volunteers to help me with 
the translating.  Once I'm ready, I'll post a file containing all of the game's 
dialog so that people can translate it and send it back to me.  I would like to 
know this game can be enjoyed by non English speaking players as well. 

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