Hi Charles,

I hate to say it, but I agree. Anyone thinking of working as one of
the Audyssey editers better be able to type, spell, and have a good
use of grammar. Also it would help if the person doing the editing has
a fairly decent understanding of punctuation rules. I don’t know how
many people forget commas, periods, let alone colons, semi-colons, and
other less used punctuation marks. I’m not expecting perfection, but
merely someone who has a good idea of how to publish ae-magazine with
decent standards.


On 5/23/11, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> I know this will sound harsh, but I think it is reality.  It is meant as
> constructive criticism, and I hope it is taken that way.  Having said that,
> I've got to say that if Shaun Everiss were to even think about taking over
> as editor of the magazine, he'd better learn to type, spell, and communicate
> better.  Based on his posts to lists over the past several years, the
> magazine would be a very poor example of quality, which would be a reason
> for terrible and unjust prejudices against blind people by a lot of sighted
> people.  I don't know about other people, but I have printed issues of the
> Audyssey magazine and sent them to sighted friends to show what blind people
> are doing as far as gaming is concerned, and that we can produce quality
> writing through our own skills and the skill of a good editor.  Shaun would
> absolutely kill that angle and, unfortunately, launch us way back into the
> stereotypes we all try so hard to overcome.
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> Laughter is the best medicine, so look around, find a dose and take it to
> heart.

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