I like the idea of the land/water tile sound, but I would choose a shorter
duration sound for the water.  When arrowing quickly across the tiles, the
water sound doesn't keep up with the movement, slowing the scanning down


Is it actually possible to reach a balance between prey and predators such
that one does not have to intervene to prevent population crashes?  The
influence of random death seems to be very small, so that there is nothing
to prevent massive predator overpopulation given a sufficient prey
population.  I'm pretty good at this game, but I can't find a stable balance
between any two pairs of prey-predator.  It looks to me that the population
of predators necessary to put a dent in prey populations is too high to
maintain by killing or selling under most power regimes.  I've got a custom
dome with 900 battery power and a 5.5 recharge rate as an experiment to see
if with sufficient power/recharge it is possible to find a sweet spot.  I
haven't found it yet.


It may be that under a full dome with all the species interacting such might
happen, though it seems to me the dingoes would still be an open population
loop with no cause of death other than starvation.  Basically we have a
bunch of positive feedback control systems with no regulation other than
catastrophic failure.


Given that these are artificial biomes with a very simple ecology, this
might actually be a correct model of the situation, and it certainly doesn't
detract from the game aspect, which is about the successful farming of
animals for sale without crashing the populations.  But I would be
interested to know if there is even a theoretical chance of achieving an
equilibrium, ignoring disasters for the moment.


It should be noted that I haven't yet unlocked the last animal as I'm
struggling with mission 8, which is a cast iron female dog.  That loan
payment is killer.


                Chris Bartlett


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