Hi Pitr,

That all sounds well and good except for one thing you are over
looking. Who am I writing this game for? You or me? Why am I writing
these games in the first place?

Well, to answer the first question I thought i was writing the games
for myself, because they are games I like and wanted to play. If I
could sell them and make a little money off of them that would be
fine, but I'm not writing them for the audio games community
specifically. It might sound selfish but if I can't write the games
for my own personal enjoyment then there is absolutely no point in
writing them in the first place.

As for the second question, I started writing games because at the
time I thought it was enjoyable, something fun, and really liked it
before I got caught up in the Alchemy crap. Now though, every time I
sit down to work on MOTA I just want to quit.  In fact, I'd go far to
say I hate writing games, because the experience has   become so much
of a hastle for me. I want to write my games one way, but the
community wants me to write it another.

For you its  easy to sit there and say forget writing the games for
Linux, ditch the Linux version, because that's only for a small
handful of people. One of those handful of people is me. So if I'm not
writing versions of MOTA I can personally use or play I might as well
refund the community their money and close USA Games. There would be
no point in continuing to write games if I have to make them for
Windows, and still not be able to play them on Linux myself. Is that
what you want me to do?

In any case this was not the point of my e-mail. My point was to find
a solution so that I could do both. If you aren't giving me
cunstructive advice how to do that you are just  muddying the thread
with an option I can not and will not accept. Dropping support for
Linux is not an option for me. So stop trying to talk me out of it.


On 6/12/11, Pitermach <piterm...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The problem I see is why target linux instead of mac? Ok, you use ubuntu
> yourself, but then It's pretty clear that the mac community is really
> outnumbering the linux one. And we're not taking windows into consideration.
> I think what you should do is dich the linux version for now, get the
> windows one out there, and when you get a mac, work on the other platforms,
> since the bulk of the community are windows users anyway, so I don't get why
> worry about a handful of people...

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