The problem I see is why target linux instead of mac? Ok, you use ubuntu yourself, but then It's pretty clear that the mac community is really outnumbering the linux one. And we're not taking windows into consideration. I think what you should do is dich the linux version for now, get the windows one out there, and when you get a mac, work on the other platforms, since the bulk of the community are windows users anyway, so I don't get why worry about a handful of people... ----- Original Message ----- From: "Thomas Ward" <>
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Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2011 10:27 PM
Subject: Re: [Audyssey] MOTA Audio Support

Hi Charles,

Yeah, I certainly understand that. I know that the audio, joystick
support, etc was much better in the Windows version of the G3D Engine,
and I even agree beta 19 seems like a step backward instead of
forward. The problem is that I want and need a completely
cross-platform solution that basically does what DirectX does that
will allow me to build  high quality games  for my OS, Linux, and
still be able to produce Windows versions for my customers as well.

That said, if Allegro doesn't pan out I'm just going to have to
compile a Windows specific version of MOTA for Windows, and forget it.
I'll be unhappy about having to maintain a version for an OS I no
longer use, but my customers will be happy at any rate.

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