Hey guys, at first this might not seem like it is game related, but it actually 
is.  I am currently stuck on something, postage related, which is holding up 
the development of a game I've been making.  Without going in to too much 
detail, the game I'm designing with Locutus will have include actual physical 
items which will be mailed out to players.  These will be a tactile reference 
map of the game's city, and the special head band used for head tracking as you 
play the game.

During one particular chat with Nocturnus, he mentioned that since the 
materials are blind-accessible, I should be able to send them postage free 
through the US mail if I write "Free matter for the blind" on the package!  
Saying I was excited is an understatement, since this would be the single 
greatest news I've had so far on this project, rofl!  I did some checking 
online, but the definitions for what can and cannot be sent read like terrible 
VCR instructions, and I wasn't confident I understood them.  I took the time to 
drive up to my local post office to as the people working there, but after 
asking each other, all had heard "something" about it, but none knew how it 
worked.  They gave me a phone number for some higher up office, but the phone 
just rings and rings forever when I try to call it.  I would have expected 
someone at the actual post office to know how this all worked.

Well, for the moment, I'm stuck.  I'm quickly approaching the point where I 
will be building large quantities of these maps and head bands so they are 
ready for when the game is released.  If shipping is free, these items will be 
very inexpensive since I will only need to charge people for the cost of the 
materials I'm using.  If, however, I can't ship for free, the shipping on the 
packages will be probably 2 or 3 times as much as the cheap items themselves!  
I would absolutely hate that, plus it might mean less people would be 
interested.  If anyone has had experience using "Free matter for the blind" on 
items being mailed, please help.  From what I understand, registered blind 
individuals can send mail out for free, but I need to know if I (a sighted 
person) can mail these accessible items to all of you without there being a 
postage fee.

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