Hi Shaun,

Um....You seem to have or forgotten or misunderstood Josh's message
but he told you specifically he is running a 64bit OS. He said he is
running Windows 7 64 on anIntel based Mac Pro viaBootcamp.  Since he
is running Windows 7 why on earth would he need a Windows emulator?

 He doesn't need an emulator when he is running the actual OS itself.
Bootcamp allows someone to run another operating system like Windows 7
side by side with Mac OS allowing him to use either OS. If you
actually knew anything about Mac computers you wouldn't have mentioned
running an emulator as you did. Please, for the 1,000th time would you
actually give advice about something you actually know something about
rather than what you think you know?

As for software emulation and emulators in general they suck. They
don't always work, and there are better solutions. Something like
Virtualbox for Mac OS is a better solution as it allows a person to
install and create virtual drives running Windows, Linux, whatever
side by side with Mac OS as the host. Since Josh has 4 GB of ram and
so on running a virtual machine wouldn't be a problem.


On 6/29/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> josh, try putting them in the program files folder the standard folder.
> If this does still not work, install all the stuff including winkit
> in the root or the c drive in your username folder make a folder
> called kitchensinc and load that there.
> It sounds like you are using a 64bit os.
> I hav not got a 64bit os but its possible that the files for vb are
> not going in the right place syswow 64 is where all 64 bit system
> files go and system32 is where 32 bit files go.
> Again this is only from what I get off the lists since although I
> have the ability to run a 64 bit os I don't have a 64 bit os right now.
> I am not sure but you really should try to get some sort of windows
> emulator for the games.
> Failing that if you can get win xp 32 bit or win 7 32 bit and try
> that it may work.
> I am not sure if you can emulate windows environments from a mac but still.

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