Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say effective immediately I am leaving the Audyssy
list, am resigning as comoderator for reasons of my last post, and
will likely be closing USA Games for a few months. I've reached a
point where I can not exist on this list or any other list with
certain members of this community, and I've been pushed personally
beyond my ability to put up with the crap. I tried doing my best to
give helpful information, to take extra time and energy to design the
games the best I can, and apparently my best isn't good enough for a
lot of people so its time to put away my keyboard and leave this

Its time to say some of the things I have not said before, but they
need said. I have worked as often as I can, as much as I can on MOTA
and Raceway, but it is a long and tedious process for me. I don't
always have time to work on them, and you have no idea how many family
reunions, cookouts, etc this summer I've skipped to work on those
games. For quite some time now I've spent so much time working on the
games my marriage has been strained and stressed adding even more
stress to trying to complete these games. Having the community e-mail
me off list now and then asking me when will game x be done over and
over again is bad enough.

However, Che's e-mail was the braking point for me. I've always tried
my best to give helpful suggestions, opinions of what programming
languages and tools to use based on nearly 12 years experience in the
business. Having been college educated in VB, C++, Java, etc I have at
the very least an educated opinion for why I say what I say and do
what I do. I've tried my best not to insult other developers, be fair
when giving my opinions, but apparently Che and others decided to take
it personally, in return insulted me, and that I can not and will not
put up with. So I'm leaving. Either Che goes or I go, but we can not
coexist on this list without killing each other first. So I'm leaving.

So long and fair well.

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