Hi charles,

Oh, that would be a perfectly good reason for the system to slow down
alright. The thing a lot of people don't realize is they go out and
purchase these monster drives like 250 MB or 300 MB, put them in their
machine, and then fill them up with mp3s, games, movies, etc and
wonder why their computer slows down. The reason is the more data on
the drive there is the longer the seek time the operating system takes
to locate or process the data on the drive. The best way to store
large amounts of data and keep your system running at top performence
is to A install a small startup hard drive for your OS and programs,
and B, use a secondary drive for all your personal files, mp3s,
movies, etc which won't effect the over all performance of your host
OS. :D

Anyway, I hope to release MOTA beta 21 soon. I'm taking some personal
time off from the game to rest, attend to other issues, and do a bit
of personal programming for a change. All work and no play makes for a
very dull day.


On 7/26/11, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> How good are you at untying knots?  I hope you're good at it so you won't be
> tied up for too long.  (grin)  I can wait, though, because I have to get an
> additional hard drive.  Mine is now 91 percent full.  I'd say that's sort of
> dangerous, given the fact that it's a 250 Gig drive?  I wonder if this is
> why my PC that I bought in the year 2000 is slowing down a bit?
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> "Security is not the absence of danger.  It is the presence of the Lord."

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