Hi Bryan,

Well, like any strategy game Castaways has a number of factors
involved in getting the food production up and running. How I do it is
I actually get the farms, storehouse, and tavern, built before I do
anything else. I try to stock enough food and supplies before I begin
building houses and expanding the population.

Basically, since I know I'm going to have an explosion of pregnant
women and little kids running around under foot I stock up a lot of
food and supplies to make sure they are well fed and I have enough
supplies to keep the day to day tasks going while the mothers are off
work.  Of course, as soon as those kids get old enough to work they
can fill in as peasants doing delivering goods here and there
throughout the town picking up over all production. The main thing you
need in a game like Castaways is supplies and plenty of peasants to
keep deliveries going or you will starve real fast.

For instance, if you have 550 loaves of bread in your storehouse but 0
in the local tavern your people will starve because noone is
constantly delivering the food to the place it needs to be. So you
need to have plenty of peasants running around bringing bread, vegis,
and meet to the tavern as well as the man or woman to cook and serve


On 7/29/11, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> This is why I haven't attempted it on higher difficulties yet LOL. I still
> have to beat it even once on Easy because for some reason I just can't seem
> to get things moving at the right time so that when the Gobs show up my
> people aren't undefended. And it seems as though even when I seem to have
> plenty of stores once I get above, say 32, people start dying of starvation
> even when there's a cook and food coming in steadily at the tavern..
> We are the Knights who saaaaay...Ni!

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