Hi Dark,

About patrolling monsters that's actually a good idea. That was a
feature of Montezuma's Revenge as you would recall and it did change
the game play quite a bit as monsters didn't stick in one place and
then move in for the kill as soon as you appeared. They constantly
moved around and only atacked when you were on the same level as them
and they were in attack range of course. So that might be an idea for
future consideration.


On 8/17/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> Fair enough on the look code. part of the problem is the instant you see an
> enemy, it's attacking you even when your above it on the stairs and it's
> below you.
> in a game like super castlevania (which had lots of stairs), you would
> usually just have to wait until the enemy patrolled away from the bottom of
> the stairs so that you could go down and hitt it. This might actually be an
> alternative solution for the side scroller, making enemies patrol back and
> forth and having the enemies only targit you when your on the same level as
> them.
> As I said with jumping, it didn't seem to happen with pits, for instance I
> could get over that first fire pit with either a running jump, or a standing
> jump from right on the ledge provided I held the keys, but it did seem to
> happen on ropes for some reason more often though this might just be me
> needing to get used to the mechanics (something which is actually nice to
> see in an audio game for once).
> i'll give the game another try and see if I can work around this.
> Beware the grue!
> dark.

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