Actually Alex, there is a reason it works that way.  Depending on your 
Castaways screen reader settings, it seems that first press of Tab is switching 
you to window eyes mode.  If you don't HAVE! window eyes running, you can't 
hear it read off the message "Window eyes".  But with another press of tab you 
do hear "Jaws support" probably because you are running Jaws.  When the mode is 
changing, it is then using that particular method to output the message and 
some screen readers are different enough that they won't even attempt to read 
the message.  Pressing Tab from the perspective of a Window eyes user might 
have a blank space when they reach the Jaws mode, since the message "Jaws 
support" would be being outputted using the Jaws methods and now Window eyes.  
Hopefully that makes some sense.

> Hi.
> I just downloaded castaways version 2.0, and I jjust
> noticed something which I think has been present for several
> versions.
> basically you press tab to change the speech mode which
> castaways uses, and the first time you press tab it doesn't
> say anything.
> however, you press tab again, and it says jaws.
> however, if you then press insert and t to read the title,
> the application window title isn't read as castaways, but as
> window eyes support.
> not a big thing, but I thought I would point it out.

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