Sorry about that, I had misunderstood but I get what you're saying now.  The 
Jaws support was the most recently added one, and you are correct that I seem 
to have left out a line of code to correct the title.  I've written it down to 
fix for the next update.

I realized I hadn't answered the intro message question right after I pressed 
send, and didn't feel like starting up a new message lol.  I think such a 
feature would be more trouble to add than its worth.  You should be able to 
just quickly jump through the 1, 2, or 3 lines of the intro using the 
tilde/guave key (~) and the actual message being read can be silenced by 
pressing the Control button if I'm not mistaken.

> Hi jeremy,
> I understand why there is a blank space when hitting tab,
> perhaps I shouldn't have put two issues in the same
> message.
> the bug I wanted to report was that once you have changed
> the speech mode, even when jaws support is active, the
> actual title of the application window says window eyes
> support, rather than castaways.
> interestingly, this is only an issue when you first change
> the speech output method, if you exit and reload castaways
> the title is back to normal.
> so it looks as if the problem is only when the change first
> takes place.
> also, what did you think of my idea to add an option to
> hide mission intro messages? as you didn't comment on that
> from my other message.

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