Sorry if you all have seen this before.  I received nothing from the list from 
Friday until Sunday.

Awesome Homer log file for 09-09-2011 By Jim Kitchen On level 1 You jumped 27 barrels
You destroyed 22 barrels
You avoided 1 giant bird
you destroyed 2 giant birds
Your score on level 1 was 284,344 points.
On level 2 You made it to all 9 planes and to the helicopter Your score on level 2 was 250,785 points.
your total score is now 535,129 points.
On level 3 With 30 shots, you hit all 30 projectiles Your score on level 3 was 281,562 points your total score is now 816,691 points. On level 4 You made it passed all 30 trees and down to the bottom of the mountain Your score on level 4 was 273,903 points.
your total score is now 1,090,594 points.
On level 5 The combination to open the door was, "1, 6, 6, 6, You figured out the combination with 4 tries
Your score on level 5 was 257,528 points.
your total score is now 1,348,122 points.
On level 6 You made it through the under ground caves to the parking garage Your score on level 6 was 282,811 points.
your total score is now 1,630,933 points.
On level 7 You rescued Marge! Your score on level 7 was 510,601 points.
your total score is now 2,141,534 points.
For rescuing Marge, a 1,000,000 point bonus.
your total score is now 3,141,534 points.
which sets a new record, by 67,352 points. The record was 3,074,182 points. by Jim. on 8/8/2011


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