Nice catch Alex, I will have that fixed for the next update.  I think I forgot 
to code part of the mission 4 code for pressing shift G, so it is confused and 
spouting incorrect messages.

I've been trying to add a little to the game with each new mission, so that is 
why the tudor houses aren't available in mission 3.  I've been allowing tome 
upgrades to work in all missions, but I'm reluctant to change available 
buildings for existing missions because it would require them to be balanced 
all over again.  I think even something as small as the tudor house would make 
a large change on how easy or hard mission 3 ended up being.

> hi.
> I noticed a slight bug with castaways mission 4.
> when the zombies turn up on your land, and you press shift
> g, you are firstly told there are goblins on your land, and
> then the location where the zombies are.
> and then, at the end you are told there are no invaders on
> your land,
> lol.
> I think it would be good, if we had access to tuda houses
> in mission 3 as well as 4.
> in fact, perhaps it would be good if we could build walls
> and tuda houses in all missions.

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