We do have a key to flush the buffer actually.  The tilde/guave key (~) will 
pull the next message from the buffer.  You can keep pressing it until it makes 
a noise to indicate that there are no more messages in reserve.
Holding shift and pressing guave/tilde brings up the general message menu.  
Once you are working with a huge population and the messages are piling up, 
many people will disable certain types of messages to prevent them from being 
displayed.  For example, in mission 4 I eventually disabled the enemy 
advancement messages once my population got larger.  That 1 change almost 
eliminated my problem of back logging messages.  I think I eventually disabled 
a few more as my settlement grew, but that's the general idea.
Disabled messages are remembered between games though, so don't forget that 
you've turned some off.

In the version I'm still working on, the game uses sound and a spoken number to 
tell you there are backlogged messages whenever you pause the game.  That will 
probably help people realize they need to check it.

> Hi list.
> I am playing a game with about 70 people at the moment.
> I saw a message a while ago from someone experiencing huge
> message delays in a game, and she speculated it was because
> of the number of people she had in her population.
> I two am now experiencing this, and I wonder if it could be
> a combination of the number of people, and also the number
> of events taking place in the game at once, for example
> zombies advance on to the land very quickly.
> so I think either something needs to be done to improve
> reporting of messages.
> alternatively another thought I had, is add a keystroke to
> flush the message buffer and delete all queued messages.
> as for example, zombies burned down my tavern, I heard that
> message fine, but I find frequently if I go to put up a
> building, it gets destroyed but I don't get the message
> about the destruction til 5 minutes, sometimes longer after
> the event, this was the case twice when I tried to rebuild
> the tavern.
> if we had a flush message buffer key, this would at least
> allow us to clear it completely so we can get a more
> accurate picture of the situation.

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