Hi Charles,

Yes, in WII Bowling, for my first ball I move two clicks to the left.  Then as 
you said, the speed of your arm swing, the twist of your wrist and when you 
release the B button determine the speed, hook and loft of your ball.  And then 
my friends tell me which pins are left and with practice I know how many clicks 
to the left or right to move to try to pick up my spare.  Most often for the 
spare I try to throw my ball straight.  And I am playing WII Sports Resorts 

Bowling Scores 09-27-2011 By Jim Kitchen
Today's average = 187
total points in the 3 games = 561

Your bowling average now = 171.12
total points in the 91 games = 15572

Today's low game  = 173
Today's high game = 203

All time low game  = 116
All time high game = 234

52 wins
39 losses
0 ties
91 total games

Bowling Scores 03-23-2011 By Jim Kitchen
Today's average = 216
total points in the 1 game = 216

Your bowling average now = 169.32
total points in the 210 games = 35557

Today's low game  = 216
Today's high game = 216

All time low game  = 117
All time high game = 233

139 wins
67 losses
4 ties
210 total games


Bowlers have heavy balls.

(440) 286-6920
Chardon Ohio USA
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