Luckily I kept lists of what I needed to build things, but sinse I only really make edk packs this isn't too bad, though i did manage to build some messiah turrets as well and am just getting the parts together for a babylon scan unit.

speaking of scanning that is the one thing I've had trouble with. Sinse while plugging in a couple of argo scanners and scanning for my own wrecks is fine, when I plug in the wide spectrum T2 and an argo, nothing shows up at all!

I thought the T2 wide spectrum was to show you other people's wrecks, but there seem to be no wrecks around.

The one only real cryticism I have of the game, even more so now I'm getting to higher levels and using more energy conscious equipment, is that you need a different set of gear for each in game activity! this would be fine, accept that having to click each thing, click unequip, click okay, click the slot again, click equip, then click okay again perhaps four or five times for different things is a real pest.

Apparently equipment sets are not possible with how the game works, but even an unequip button, or changing the controls to list boxes would speed things up.

NEvertheless, sinse this is the only problem with the entire game! it's not such a big deal, and in some ways it works to your advantage sinse it helps you conserve fuel. in fact Ive found that's one weerdly useful thing about using a screen reader, because page navigation is slower and I need to read stuff, I rarely ever run out of fuel, ---- only if I do several major hauling or passenger runs around the system really, in fact I think I've stil got about twenty thousand fuel in the depo that I've just not used yet ---- which is also why I've never even considdered the black raven :D.

Beware the grue!


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