Yeah, sometimes working with a client can be challenging because often
times the client doesn't really know what he/she wants. They have no
understanding on if their idea is practical from a programming
standpoint, and sometimes when outlining a project they can get pretty
vague. It is, as you said, as though some clients expect the developer
to pull the idea out of their head.

That said, in this case the client is named Marci--a female
client---and thus far she has been very vague on the details. I have
e-mailed her requesting further information, but haven't gotten
anything back. The original request from her was very vague. All we
know at this point is the game is to be based on the Detective Abby
books which I personally know nothing about. So a project like that
could involve anything from a text adventure to a full blown FPS type
action adventure. No way of saying what is expected without further


On 10/16/11, Jeremy Kaldobsky <jer...@kaldobsky.com> wrote:
> Mr. Kitchen, I believe we are in the same boat.  While I have done
> programming work for other people, I have never tried to build a game that
> someone else had thought up.  Working with a client is almost always a
> nightmare since they rarely understand what they actually want, and believe
> you can pluck their vision from out of their mind regardless of how poorly
> they describe it to you.  Haha, I'm actually in the middle of that same sort
> of thing right now.  I had a guy spot a youtube video of mine where I
> showcased a prototype vision system.  He contacted me a few weeks ago and
> has hired me to build him something like it.  This is actually why I've been
> so busy lately and haven't been more involved in the community for the past
> week.
> I can't remember if the person who contacted you was a man or woman, so I
> will use "He" as a gender-generic description.  Did he give you a
> description of what they are looking for yet?  If he has, I would be happy
> to take a look at the information also.

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