Just in time for Halloween, I've released the next Swamp update!  I want 
everyone to go into this realizing that I have rushed several things and it 
still needs a lot of work.  That being said, I think it is working well enough 
for people to begin playing it and having some fun!  :D

Changes from version 0.6b to 0.7b
- This update was specifically meant to test multiplayer aspects of the game.
- The old map has been removed and replaced with a large multiplayer map.
- Sounds have pretty much all been replaced by new ones from Kai.
- There are 5 working weapons now.  Axe, Pistol, Hunting Rifle, Shotgun, and 
- Items can be found by listening for the sound of flies on a dead body.  Walk 
over it to pick up the item.
- Use F and G to scroll through items you've collected, and press Enter to use 
- When playing multiplayer, shooting your friends currently does nothing.
- Game music can be paused by pressing the pause/break key.
- By default you are now set to run when the game begins.  Changing running 
speed now requires W + Shift.
- W now serves as a directional navigation helper.
- Use / to chat to others who are online.  < and > will scroll you through past 
messages, though it needs a lot of work still.
- There are now 4 types of zombies.  Normal, Dog zombies, Tyrants, and Giant 
zombies.  Each has its own sounds and attributes.
- When you select a new weapon from your inventory, you will have to reload the 
gun even if it had bullets in it when you last used it.  It's something I'll 
fix later.
- I've noticed a bug that will sometimes randomly lower the volume of your gun 
as you fire.  I haven't tracked down the cause yet.
- You can pause the game's background music by pressing the pause/break key.

In this entirely multiplayer update of Swamp, the game world is populated with 
a bunch of zombies and items to find.  As people kill zombies or find loot, new 
ones are created and placed around the map by the server.  This means you will 
never run out of zombies to kill, or new items to find.  I encourage everyone 
to give it a try, but please do remember that I'm aware it is pretty crude at 
the moment.  I have been busy and barely got this thing ready in time for the 
actual Halloween day.


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