Wow, Jeremy has done it again. Great job man.
Swamp has the potential to be one of the most popular games ever for the action oriented AG community in my opinion.
  The sound effects especially deserve kudos.
  Some questions though:
1. Why the deviation from the time tested standard input method of FPS on the PC? Every FPS I played when I was sighted used the mouse in conjunction with the A S D and W keys fore movement by default, a system that works great. Why not mirror this, in other words, w moves one forward, and use the right mouse button for replicating the shift key, removing the need to stretch the fingers for shift v for example. also, having the scroll wheel move between available weapons would be great. 2. I can't get jaws to work with swamp on my system, when I hit tab, the game ends up crashing. is there maybe a config file or something that can be set to jaws so the game will launch in JFW mode, or is this just a bug that has to be worked out? 3. I end up shooting a lot of walls, because it sounds like a zombie is right there, when he is actually on the other side of a wall. can we have a mode that gives a subtle audio cue when you have a direct shot, or maybe a key to hit to ping and see if we're facing a wall directly? 4. if we could drop our own waypoint beacons, that would be way cool, maybe double tap a number to drop a beacon, then control number to turn that beacon on. being able to name the beacon when you drop it would be a great bonus as well, with the name being read out when you control numbered. thanks for another excellent release Jeremy, and awesome job on the sound efffects Chi, hope I'm spelling that right.

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