Hi Ron,

I don't know how to fix your problem. As I said I haven't experienced
any problems with my Logitech F510 myself, and am not quite sure what
happened with your unit.

As for the Wii the console itself isn't very accessible, but I've read
there is code examples for C/C++ developer to write custom PC drivers
for the Wii-motes.So if an accessible developer wanted to create
accessible games supporting the Wii motes it is possible. However, for
the gamer it is a bit of an expensive investment getting all the
equipment required to use the Wii-motes with the PC.


On 11/14/11, Ron Kolesar <kolesar16...@roadrunner.com> wrote:
> If that's the case Tom, how do I fix the problem?
> To bad there isn't a USB device that would do the following.
> Say for example:
> You're in the blast chamber game.
> If you're running in a sc you feel like your running and can work up a swet.
> When you get close to a steam, you can feel it start to get warmer then hot,
> and you could work up a swet and get the pants scared off of you.
> Say you fall in a manhole cover, you would get the sence of falling.
> For we pilots and there's a few hand to ear fligh simulators out there.
> Jim Kitchen had a interesting one and then there's TDV and of course there's
> the fsx-IYP project.
> When you make a turn in a airplane you tilt to one side and or roll to one
> side.
> To bad we don't have a device that would let us experience those types of
> experiences.
> The Wee or is it spell WII as the closest thing out there for physical hands
> on virtual reality game and educational reality.
> But it isn't blind friendly.
> To bad we can have a device that would bridge the gab to the vr world and
> have the fivesenses written into it for the blind.
> Just a though.
> I have a friend at NASA who might be able to help us out.
> But has most have seen my letters, my writing isn't the gratest.
> If someone could write up a reposal outlining what we too would appreciate
> in a vr physial world for the blind.
> I'd be happy to submit it to my NASA friend who works at the KSC public
> affairs office.
> With a little help from my friends, just might get back to the air with my
> USB controller just yet.

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