Wow. That's an email to make my day if ever I saw one. Thanks man, for your support! While I haven't had any time to actually play any games at all lately, yours are at the top of my list of things to try. I have followed the discussions about your various titles with interest, you'll definitely hear from me once I sit down and play. Now which one to start with, I wonder? I am leaning towards killing zombies. Grin.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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Even though I am not a BGT user myself, I already know this update is going to have a huge impact on the community! I wasn't around before the days of BGT, but I see how it is twisted and woven in to almost every thread and game discussion. All by its self, I believe BGT has won you a permanent legacy in the audio game community Philip, and I have yet to see anything that compares to it in terms of overall community long-term impact. As cheesy as it may sound, creating something with the same level of importance is what I'm striving for myself. I am absolutely positive I have not come close yet, but I will stick around until I do.

Mr. Bennefall, keep up the great work and prepare yourself for probably a hundred ecstatic responses to the news of your new release. :D And keep the bar really high so I have to climb a while before getting up there with you sir.

Hi all!

After nearly a year in development, version 1.1 of the BGT
engine is now available for download! It features the
largest set of changes yet in its release history, most of
which are features requested by end users. It includes mouse
support, screen reader support, a pathfinder to make it
easier when adding artificial intelligence to your game,
improved Sapi support where you are now able to enumerate
and change voices, and tons more. The change log is a bit
too long to paste in an email to the list, so I invite those
who are curious to go grab the new installer and have a

Thanks to all of those who provided suggestions and ideas,
bug reports and other general feedback over these two years.
Without all of this, the BGT engine would not be what it is
today. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall

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