Hi laurel and welcome to the list.

I hope you have a lot of fun here.

There are various places to find out about games. firstly the database at www.audiogames.net which has individual pages and descriptions with links to reviews and such (you can also search by genre), and then the pcs games list at www.pcsgames.net, which is a massive list of websites and provides more an overview.

If you've not tried castsaways and lunimals by Aprone aka jeremy kaldobksi, I'd deffinately recommend both. lunimals is a sim where your managing an ecological dome on the moon and have to monitor population size and lots of other factors, while castaways is a ful on stratogy game where you manage a group of survivers of a shipwreck, assigning them jobs, building buildings like the tavern storehouse and farms and eventually building military units like knights and rangers to fight off enemies.

it also has both a cooperative and player vs player online mode.

Both games are free, though the developer does accept donations. You can find them at http://www.kaldobsky.com/audiogames/

there are several monopoly versions other than the rs one. The oldest is by Jim kitchin at www.kitchinsinc.net which doesnt' have online play but lets you play against the computer on various difficulties.

he also has a hole bunch of other free games, from the game of life, to a platformer called awsome homer where you play as homer simpson. There is then even the game galaxy ranger from www.vipgameszone.com which essentially is monopoly in space with buying and selling planets and has great sound effects and interesting gameplay, though that one is a commercial game.

There are various brouser based games available where you manage things, my favourite is core exiles, where you fly around in a spaceship trading but can do anything from owning facotories and resource extractors to even your own settlement. The game also features combat exploring and mining, but what you do is pretty much up to you.

The address is http://www.core-exiles.com/

Also thoguh this is only a small selection of games, there are many more available, just check out www.audiogames.net and www.pcsgames.net for details.

I'd actually recommend trying as many games as possible sinse you never know what something is until you've given it a bash.

As to languages for writing text adventure games, I'll leave that to someone who knows more about if.

i hope you have fun on the list.

Amusingly enough, I'm doing my phd in philosophy at durham university, and have (only a couple of weeks ago), got my first guide dog, a black lab retreaver cross called reever.

Beware the grue!


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