I'm afraid I don't agree Darren.

it is the stated purpose of organizations like the Rnib to generally serve and improve the lot of blind people. When a person newly goes blind, they aren't told "go off and find products that are advertized" they are introduced to the Rnib, ---- and if they are lucky, other organizations too, to provide information, training and access to useful products.

indeed recently in Britain the government has pretty much out sourced all! disability related administration to external agencies and charities.

While I am not generally in favour of the "blind community" aspect of things, ie, people believing there is some special characteristic about blind people that makes them sort of like a nationality with their own identity, there is stil a need to distribute and share information and useful techniques as their is with any group of people with a specific interest or vocation.

if you are interested in say for instance learning to play golf, yes, you can learn on your own, go on the net and buy your own clubs etc, but you'd be far better to join a golf club which will be able to put you in touch with golf related information, such as location of nearest links, where to buy clubs etc.

To carry on this golf analogy, the Rnib is like a golf club which only advertizes a set of 5 foot long irons on the basis that that is all that is available and all that their members should be expected to use on every course.

They are failing in their duty of information, and indeed in their duty of care to provide for all! blind people in the Uk.

For instance, the lady I trained with with my dog was a database designer before going blind four years previously and had been a big rpg fan. When she made enquiries about accessible games, she was told only about Azabat, and not even notified that others existed.

This is how the Rnib were failing in their function, sinse they were not providing correct information to her or indeed taking into account her preferences.

in fact to borrow an arguement from my thesis, the Rnib were failing to acknolidge that for her, the "disability" of having a visual imparement included a frustration of her desire to play rpg games, and thus the Rnib were compounding the disability, rather than as their charter would suggest aiding it.

Beware the grue!


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